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Here We Are Again - R&B

Here We Are Again - R&B

צפייה בסרטון
Here Wer Are - R&B Ver (Audio)Hajiginz
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Here We Are Again - R&B

This is the Second version for this Ballade. This time in R&B Style.

Again...The song is called HERE WE ARE AGAIN  This time with some 
Gouvy bits and Guitars.
As before - A singer from Chicago Performs a song written
by  A guy from Tel Aviv/Kiryat Shmona/NYC composed by a dude
from Petach Tikva (Even If I live in TLV 80 years I will still be from
Petach Tikva J ).


Lyrics - Hananel Edri

Music - HajiGinz

Production - HajiGinz


Keyboards And mix - HajiGinz

Guitars - Zach Allen

Mastering - Tan Tan Studios

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