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The Covidays Project

Here We Are Again

Here We Are Again

צפייה בסרטון
Here We Are Again (audio)Hajiginz
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Here We Are Again

Words in a song can play tricks on you.
You can never really tell what they are about and
honestly – for me -this is where the magic happens…. 
It is what helps the song connect to each and everyone
and his or her specific place in life.
In the second song from The Covidays project that I am creating with the
magnificent Hananel Edri I have collaborated with a brilliant
American singer from Chicago called MYKARVEY.
The song is called HERE WE ARE AGAIN  and I am super excited to put
it out there for you for the first time.
So…A singer from Chicago Performs a song written by  A guy from Tel Aviv/Kiryat Shmona/NYC composed by a dude from Petach Tikva (Even If I live in TLV 80 years I will still be from Petach Tikva J ) join together in a clip made by a very brilliant video editor from SriLanka.
I hope you will like it and if we also have an R&B version in the making for you guys coming soon.
Please take this song to your own place in life, enjoy it, remanence, and most important STAY SAFE.

Lyrics - Hananel Edri
Music - HajiGinz
Production - HajiGinz
Keyboards And mix - HajiGinz
Mastering - Tan Tan Studios
Clip - Sajeecreations
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