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The Covidays Project



צפייה בסרטון
COVIDAYS (audio)Haji Ginz
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My daily routine did not change a lot due to Covid-19.

I am a musician who works mainly in the comfort of his

studio. I haven't had a live gig in years and my routine with

or without quarantine is pretty much the same.


The change I experience is through my young children who are the

primary victims in soul from this pandemic.

I feel it through my wife who cannot stand staying in one place for more than

an hour.

I experience it through my parents and through my concern for their health

(both physically and emotionally), though friends that in one day turned from very busy singer/actors/musicians to people that are out of a job and are struggling to see a future, though my students that do not know what tomorrow will bring and through the terrible strangeness in going outside and seeing that the world is looking at me behind a mask.


And it is taking a terrible toll on me and on everyone else.
A toll that Crips on me from behind and jumps when I am not ready and chokes me.


As I was editing this clip one day Yonatan, my 7-year-old child walked into my studio and watched the clip with me.

I asked him how it made him feel and he said in his unending wisdom and sensitivity:  "It is as if it's 2020 all over again".

I hugged him as strong as I could, kissed him on the head, and choked.

Music, Production AND Clip- HajiGinz
Clip footage - Stroyblocks
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