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The Covidays Project

Moroccan Skies

Moroccan Skies

צפייה בסרטון
Moroccan Skies (Audio)Hajiginz
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Moroccan Skies

The Song "Moroccan skies" was written 18 months ago in a

very different world, at a small coffee place, at a small table

in Morocco.   

Almost as if it was filmed in a Marrakech-Hollywood

black and white movie production.


He sent it to me via Whatsapp and since the song has had

many incarnations, variations, concepts, performers, and co-creators.


Up until this song I never had such a strong  conviction

that a song of mine first and foremost has to do one thing : 

It has to make people dance.


It has to make them dance like there is no tomorrow.

Jump and take joy in the moment all while forgetting all the B.S around them.

Dance and forget about Covid, politics, politicians, and all

the rest of their day to day burden.


So, please…..  Pump up the volume and dance away !!!


Because despite everything this year has brought us it and

they will never take away the fun and joy Music brings into our lives.


Many thanks to shoes who gave from their time, energy talent, and love to music.

Lyrics - Hananel Edri
Music - HajiGinz
Production - HajiGinz
Mahawwal Vocals - Moran Mazor
BG Vocals: MYKARVEY, Lital Gabay, Anna ShpitsHanael Edri, Gilan Shahaf
Drums: Gal Gershovski
Bass: Edmond Gilmore
Guitars - Zach Allen
Keyboards And mix - HajiGinz
Mastering - Tan Tan Studios
Clip - HajiGinz
Clip footage - Stroyblocks
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