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Israeli composer Hagai Ginzboorg (also known as Haji Ginz) has been creating music for media and radio for over three decades. 


His music is regularly featured on leading TV shows including the Israeli X factor, The Israeli Oscar, Netflix’s Green House (orchestrations), as well as documentary and feature films such as Columbia – The Tragic Loss (dir. Naftatly Gleeksberg), The Prime Minister’s Wife (dir. Tispi trope), With Closed Eyes (dir. Adi Halfin) and more.

Hagai also worked for the Israeli tech company "Simply" as a Content team Manager. He worked on the "Simply Sing" app with a team of musicians to create over 1000 top notch quality over versions for popular songs.

In the pop world, Hagai arranges and produces music for Israeli leading pop artists including Mika Sade, Itay lev, Alon freeman, Our Song Soundtrack (top seller gold record) the band Funk'N'Stein, as well as an international multilingual project of songs for  "The Church of Almighty God".


His Orchestration projects include multiple collaborations with The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israeli Opera Orchestra, and other projects in collaboration with his long-time teacher and mentor Maestro Rafi Kadishson.


Hagai earned his composition Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. For the last four years he has been serving as a faculty member at the Ono Music Collage, where he teaches film scoring and midi classes to the young generation of musicians.


orchestrations are at the core of his musical Hagai’s unique voice is influenced by the composers of the Hollywood Golden Age. Rich sonorities and lush melodies along with electro acousticlanguage, and help bring to life the films he scores. 


He is a passionate and committed music professional that has built his career in the vibrant and diverse music scene at Tel-Aviv, which inspired him to become the eclectic and versatile artist he is. 

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